Hack School

Hack School has never been a thought in my mind. I always assumed it was a school for only gifted students. But now that I watched the TED talk and did further research on it, I realized that it is for everything student. If we could put any child through a program like this imagine how different the lives of our younger generation would be and also how amazing it would be when they grow up. Schools that kill the creativity are hindering not only their students potential but also the worlds. If students focused on life skill and things that actually make them want to learn this world would be a much better place, I am certain of that.

I also love the fact that in this TED talk is was actually by a student. So that alone doesn’t just tell you this is based on science or anything, but also experience. This student LIVES through this school everyday, learning in ways most kids won’t. He has first hand experience on how this type of schooling affects him and his peers. It takes a lot for students to want to learn, but does it really? If students are given the opportunity to learn what they feel is important couldn’t schooling be a lot better? Letting students use what they like in their school is a great way for them to learn in a better way.

I love how Bud Hunt opens up. The analogy of cameras is brilliant. Their are so many different lenses and add-ons for cameras, like students. You cannot simply assume that all students learn the same way, their will be students who need visual or hands on. Their will be students who do learn better with the teacher just talking to them. And even students who learn best with homework. Finding what is best for your students is going to be the only way for teachers to bring out the full potential of their students to maximize learning.

I am a firm believer in playing sports and actives should be in the school system. Giving kids the chance to relax and play and be goofy is first of all awesome. Students who have strict rules and limited play can get burnt out and overwhelmed. Studies have shown that playing and physical activity is actually good for the students brains. It helps them be creative and healthy.




4 thoughts on “Hack School

  1. Bryan,
    It sounds to me like we are on the same page when it comes to this TED talk video about hack schooling! You made a great point in your second paragraph how actually having Logan, a 13 year old student, who experiences this type of schooling everyday. Not very often do you hear of children at that age so exited and interested about schooling but Logan changed that aspect. He was a genius in what he loved as just a teenager. This shows that giving children choices allows them to be more willing to put towards school. Hack schooling pushing for creativity for our future rather than killing it and with that I hope more schools focus on the students rather than the standards needing to be met!


  2. One of my favorite parts about this talk was that Logan is a student. Listeners respond better when the speaker has experienced the conversation topic. If a wealthy student came to stage to discuss student debt with listeners it would be hard for the students to relate, but if a struggling student started a discussion about how to balance debt, and make it through school listeners could relate much better.


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